Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Human Macro Photography

hello readers!
So today i shall discuss something pretty out of the box, since we normally discuss and study about the olden art styles such as impressionism, pop art, post impressionism etc. I personally am not an intense fanatic of these styles, and prefer to explore some of the more common styles we see around us in art communities.

As such i shall be drawing reference from art communities such as www.deviantart.com , which coincidentally is one of my favourite haunts on the scary world of the Internet.

well, what is the art style we shall explore today you ask? It's macro photography! its commonly known as close ups of certain objects, such as insects, flowers, an eye etc. Today i shall be focusing more on human macro photography, hence the title.

below i shall have show examples of my few favourite photos.

Eclipse Of My heart by *BatDesignz on deviantART

this piece gives a sense of purity, with the pale skin of the models face, her long eyelashes and the reflection in her eye is greatly emphasised.
What really attracts me most about macro photography is the fact that we are able to see every single simple detail we would normally not take note of. Eyelashes seem like such simple, plain, even boring, part of our human body, yet when taken in such a photo it serves as a frame for the reflection in the eye.
The idea and concept used in this picture also amazes me. It would not be unusual to find many eye's in human macro photography, however finding a photographer who takes time to find the perfect angle such that the reflection of an object would be able to fall on the small area of an eye seems like a humongous feat, not to mention alot of hard work!

this piece is very striking and has placed 2 absolutely different part of the body together in one photo. this is a technique commonly used in many photographic works these days.
Unlike the previous piece, this piece relies heavily on the make up to bring out the effect we see here. the red lipstick is used on the lips to accentuate them, add in the shiny stars, our attention is caught on the piece.
In the 2nd photo we can see the same colour scheme used on the makeup around the eye. the eyelashes were pulled up to mimic the grooves on the lips. the model's blue eye also really contrasts with all the red and gold in the make up, therefore not allowing the make up to over power the natural beauty of the model.

this is another photo which is very much different as compared to the ones above. this one really relies on the simplicity of light and dark, positive and negative, contrasts in the colour, and simple silhouettes of the models. unlike the ones above, this photo needs not use details, or colours to appeal to the masses. the contrast alone seems to capture our attention. somehow i feel this looks alot like one of those optical illusions, " do you see a vase or 2 faces"

well i think much was said in this very first post, so i shall leave you some images to enjoy. i must say i am by far no expert at photography, i am simply one who got addicted to human macro photography, especially eyes. i hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

Saw You Drown by =TheTragicTruth-Of-Me on deviantART


Munition by ~Greetcha on deviantART


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